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sourced direct from the beekeeper 100% pure ethical honey learn more
The healthiest hives in the world and the finest honeys discover honey
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100% pure, ethical honey sourced direct from the healthiest hives in the world. 

We provide a full service solution in honey sourcing and packing – we can guide you along the process, from blend specification to brand development and label design.

Your trusted source of the world’s best honey bee products from Western Australian beekeepers

Honey Bulk is a leading Australian Supplier of Australian Honey, offering high quality creamed or liquid Honey solutions for your business. Available in your own Private Label Brand or in bulk containers as an ingredient for food or cosmetics.

We take pride in providing you with some of the world’s finest honeys.

Western Australia is home to a variety native trees and bush that provides specialty honey, that isn’t available anywhere else in the world. Of course there is the ever popular and well known Jarrah, but there is also the less known Karri, Red Gum, and Blackbutt.

From our pristine bushland and forest to your door – you can count on us to deliver your total honey solution 

We stake our reputation on every drop of honey we produce for you and will enjoy the benefits of working with us from concept to delivery: 

  • Deep industry knowledge with extensive network of beekeepers  
  • Detailed and attentive customer care of a family owned and operated business
  • Honey sourcing to your desired specifications and/or recipe 
  • Variety of pack sizes and styles as well as packaging and label design to distinguish your product and extend your shelf presence
  • Offer independent QA laboratory testing of all products 
  • Centrally operated location and distribution platform to get your products to market efficiently 
  • Global co-shipping and your partner in making the import process easy  

Our traceability processes ensure the authenticity of all our honeys so you can be assured the final product is genuine and to the highest possible standard.

We offer a range of products

Our strong relationships  with a large network of beekeepers mean we can offer you a wide variety of honeybee products and save you money and time.

Our range comes with the superior taste and texture unique only to Australia. Honey’s available include quality endemic Australian honey varieties such as Jarrah, Marri (Red Gum), Karri, Melalueca and Australian Manuka.

Other honey bee products we can supply you with are honeycomb, beeswax, propolis, royal jelly and bee pollen.

We supply 100% pure natural honey that is unadulterated and guaranteed to be free of chemicals – as nature intended.

As well as a range of sizes

Our bulk honey can be purchased in the following quality food-grade containers:

  • pails (15 – 30kg)
  • drums (280 – 320kg)
  • IBC (1.4 tonne) 

We supply bulk honey to the food service sector, food and drinks manufacturers as well as international clients. 

We can pack for your private label

We can provide a packing service for your private label brand. Simply select your preferences and our team can do the rest. Our packaging facility can pack:

  • round, square, hexagonal shapes
  • glass or plastic (PET)
  • 250g – 1kg product sizes
  • single serve straws / sachets 
  • provide graphic design & printing services 

All packaging occurs in Australia under our strict quality controls and supervision. 

And deliver around the world 

All our honey meets the highest international standards including the strict criteria enforced by the European Union, the United States FDA and China’s CIQ. Raw Western Australian honey can be imported into almost every location in the world and we will export to all countries that Australian law allows.

We work with you to ensure we meet your local import documentation requirements. 

We can also recommend experienced logistics providers to ensure your products arrive safely and on time.